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#1 Mar 09, 2018 2:00:AM

Surf's Up!

Surf's Up - Part 1

HeadUnderHeels always thought that there were others out there just like him, he just didn't know where to look to find them. He worked at a Surf Shop on the strand in Daytona Beach, and he took the job for three reasons. One: the money was good for a 31 year old still living at home with mom and dad. Two: he loved watching the surfers come in. They arrived all day long in bare feet, in nice Vans or Nikes with or without socks, wearing flip flops, etc. He could lust after all those gorgeous feet without anyone really noticing. His main job consisted of sweeping the sand out of the shop that was constantly being tracked in. He also stocked shelves, waited on customers and did odd jobs around the shop. At night he swept and mopped the floor (both upstairs and downstairs) and locked up with the spare key.

The third reason for wanting to work at the shop was Kyle. Kyle was a 21 year old piece of eye-candy that worked three days a week in the shop for his dad ... who also happened to own the place! The rest of the week, Kyle and his three friends were always out surfing. Nicky, Ryan and Taylor were also 21 year old rich kids that had bodies to die for and typical attitudes. They were the hottest things on the beach and everyone knew it! I liked working for Kyle’s dad though, and I loved looking at the four of them whenever they came in together to get surfboard-wax, or new swimsuits or suntan lotion.

Kyle was about 6' tall with beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. His feet were incredible - at least a size 11 and maybe a 12, I wasn't sure. All I knew for sure was that he was hot! Kyle was sort of the leader of the little foursome. Nicky was almost 22 and lived on his own. He was about 6' 2". He had jet-black hair and a nice hairy chest. His feet were great specimens too. His foot was about a size 12. Ryan and Taylor were twins and they were both gorgeous too. Ryan was 6'1" with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. He had a great ass and his brother Taylor was an exact copy of him though just a little taller! Taylor though, had a nicer chest!

One night I was slotted to mop and wax the floor before closing. Kyle's dad had already gone home and Kyle was there to pick up some stuff from the personal lockers we all kept in the storeroom in the back of the shop. Kyle and I were the only two in the store. "I'm outta here Head." He yelled back to me after slamming the door to the bathroom. He went to his locker and had sat down on the bench and was taking off his tennis shoes and socks. I watched from around the corner as he stuffed his socks down inside his shoes and wiggled his toes ... airing them out a little. He threw the shoes into his locker and closed it.

"See ya tomorrow I guess?" I said, as he gathered his things and was heading for the door. "Yeah, I guess. I'm not scheduled to be in until 4:00 or so. Me and the boys are gonna catch some waves in the morning and then I'll be in later." He said.

"Okay,·have fun." I said, but he'd already left the shop and hadn't heard me. I finished mopping, but before I started waxing the place, I just had to admire Kyle's socks. None of our lockers have locks on them, but we don't really keep anything personal in them anyway. Clothes, shoes or sunglasses - stuff like that. I'd gone back and admired his socks before, but never after he'd just taken them off! I opened his locker and took out his shoes. I pulled a sock out of one of them and stuck it up to my nose. I inhaled deeply. Wow, the aroma. But God, to me they smelled great! I smelled them for another few minutes and then smelled down inside of his shoe. Umm, it was so intoxicating. I finished up and put his sock back down into the shoe and put it back into his locker, just like he had it. I waxed the floor and locked up.

I went home that night dreaming of his feet.


#2 Mar 09, 2018 2:15:AM

Re: Surf's Up!

Surf's Up - Part 2

At about 3:45 in the afternoon, Kyle showed up for work.

He said hello to his dad and walked back to the storeroom. He came out a few minutes later and headed straight for me. Oh no, had I not shut the locker completely? Had I put the shoes back in the locker the wrong way and he'd noticed that someone had been in there? Oh Fuck!

"Head, what's up man?" he asked.

"No-Noth-Nothing. What's up with you?" I squeaked.

"Oh not much. Just don't wanna be here."

"Oh," is all I could muster up to say!

"Yo, me and the guys are having a party tomorrow night. It's at Nicky's place. You wanna come?"

"Uh, I'm not sure. I'm kinda busy." I replied.

"On a Friday night? C'mon, come to the party. We close the shop up at 6:00 and the party doesn't even start until 8:00. You can make it, right?"

"I don't know Kyle. I'll try. I mean I'd like to, but…"

"Alright, now you can't back out of it. It'll be a blast! Be there at 8:00 okay?!"

"Uh, okay." I said.

"Great, now I've got to get to work." He said and walked away.

I thought for sure I was in deep shit! He'd never been that nice to me before. I guess I just misjudged the guy, and the party did sound like fun. Nicky had a cool beach house out on the strip. I'd never been inside, but I'm sure that Kyle and the others would all be there, and I couldn't pass up a chance to see all those feet close up! The rest of the day seemed to fly by and I couldn't wait for tomorrow.

At 6:00 sharp the next day, the shop closed up and after I'd cleaned the floors and locked up I made my way back home. I needed to change, and I still had a while before the party started anyway. I arrived at Nicky's at 7:50, but rung the bell anyway. Nicky answered the door. God he looked fine. He was barefoot and wore a white T-shirt and black polo shorts.

"C'mon in Head, the party's just about to get started," he winked at me and let me pass by.

I stood in the doorway to the living room and noticed that there were no balloons or streamers. No music either, that was odd. Oh well, I was early after all. Kyle and Taylor walked into the room. Kyle was also barefoot and Taylor had flip flops on with no socks. Ryan came in from the kitchen. He didn't have a shirt on and looked pretty damn good. He was also barefoot with no shoes.

"Hey man," Ryan said, looking at me.

"We're gonna watch a DVD okay?" Kyle said.

He walked up to me and smiled. "Here, have a drink." He handed me a beer and we all made our way to the living room.

"Where's everyone else?" I asked looking at no one in particular.

"Oh, this is it. This is all there'll be at the party." Nicky said. The TV came to life and what I saw both shocked and terrified me. There I was at the bench in the storeroom of the shop, sitting in front of Kyle's locker sniffing his sock. The video was taken on Thursday night, right after Kyle had left. I watched the screen as it played. I saw myself pull his sock out of his shoe and smell the inside of it. Where was Kyle while I was doing that? How did he get this?

"So you like sniffing socks huh?" Kyle said. "I thought I caught you one day about a few months ago looking at my feet, but I didn't think anything about it. Then later that same day, I almost caught you again. Then last week I left my shoes out in front of my locker and watched from outside and caught you sniffing them. I had to be sure, but last night after I left, I set my camera up outside the window of the storeroom and caught the whole thing on tape. What's with you man?" Kyle yelled.

"Are you a foot fag?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah, what's the deal man? Sniffing another guy's socks and shoes?" Nicky asked.

Before I could reply, Kyle and Nicky had me by the arms and pulled me up. They dragged me over to the couch and threw me down.

"Okay, here's the deal foot bitch," Kyle started. "You're gonna do whatever we say tonight and you're not gonna mention it to anyone. If you don't do exactly what we tell you to, I'm showing my dad this tape and he'll fire your ass, and then he'll probably kill you!"

I was scared. But, I was also a bit excited. What the hell were they gonna do to me?


#3 Mar 09, 2018 3:02:AM

Re: Surf's Up!

Surf's Up - Part 3

Kyle and Ryan each grabbed an arm and Nicky and Taylor each grabbed a leg and they pulled me from the couch. They dropped me on the rug in the middle of the floor.

Nicky and Kyle each placed a foot down on my chest and head to hold me down. Taylor kicked off his flip flops and pushed them aside. He placed his foot in my face and rubbed it around. The aroma from his feet was overpowering.

"Smell that foot, bitch." Taylor sneered down at me. "Sniff it. I wanna hear you breathing it in."

Ryan kicked me in the side and then placed his foot on top of his brothers - forcing Taylor's foot to grind harder into my face. "Smell our feet, bitch!" Ryan said.

Kyle and Nicky continued to pin me down. Ryan and Taylor removed their feet from my face and stepped away. Kyle then actually stood full weight on me, standing on my chest and looking down at me. He smiled evilly, "You like this bitch?" he said. "You like sniffing socks and being trampled under our feet?"

He placed his foot over my face and continued to stand on me. After a while he stepped off of me and I could finally catch my breath. Kyle pulled his shorts down and sat down on the couch. Ryan meanwhile, also placed his barefoot on my chest and was looking down at me. He forced his foot on top of my mouth, nearly gagging me. "Lick the sole of my foot boy!" he grinned down at me. Kyle had pulled his cock out of his underwear and started stroking it.

"Pin his arms behind his back Ryan and bring him over here." Taylor and Ryan pulled me up off of the floor and dragged me over to the couch. Ryan pulled back on my arms so that I was directly over Kyle's cock. He then placed his foot on the back of my neck and pushed me down into Kyle's crotch.

"Suck my cock, fag!" Kyle yelled.

I took his cock into my mouth and had no choice but to suck it. Ryan continued to shove me down harder and harder on Kyle's cock with his foot against the back of my neck. He laughed the whole time, yelling "Yeah, bitch, suck his cock. Suck it!"

"You like sniffing socks and shoes... well, how do you like my cock in your mouth?" Kyle asked.

Ryan eased up on the pressure he was applying to my neck, but he still held my arms tightly behind me. Nicky came over and sat down next to Kyle. "Hey man, sharing is caring. My turn now huh?" he said.

Ryan pulled me up off of Kyle's cock and held me upright. Nicky had already pulled his polo shorts down and was wearing no underwear underneath. His cock was huge! He was partially hard already and Ryan positioned me over toward Nicky.

"Suck me dry baby!" Nicky howled.

Ryan again placed his barefoot behind my head and pushed me down. My mouth was inches from Nicky's cock. Ryan pushed me down onto Nicky's cock roughly. I began to suck. (Was this really happening to me? I mean, I was scared but extremely excited too!) "Yeah, fag boy, suck me. You give great head, Head." Nicky smirked.

Suddenly, he pulled Ryan's foot away and Ryan let go of my arms. They were both numb and I could hardly feel them. Nicky used both hands and pushed me harder onto his cock. "I'm gonna cum, boy, I'm gonna cum."

And boy did he! He gushed into me and I immediately spat it out. “Oh you’re gonna pay for that!” Nicky said. He pushed me off of him and I slipped to the floor. Taylor quickly came over and rolled me over onto my stomach. He stood on my back, one foot squarely on the centre of my spine and the other foot on my head.

"Look boys, I'm surfing, surfin USA!" He laughed. He walked up and down on my body before finally stepping off. I was aching all over and my breath was pretty strained. Ryan came over and laid down on the floor next to me. He looked me in the face. "Are you okay footstool? We're not being too rough now are we?"

Kyle walked over and planted his barefoot on the side of my face as I looked at Ryan laying next to me.

"Nah, he's okay. He loves this shit. I mean, I bet he's got a freakin' hard on. Hey Ryan, you want a blowjob? Head here gives pretty good head!"

Ryan grinned at me. "No, but you know, I think I need my ass kissed." He jumped up quickly and pulled off his shorts and underwear. He lay on the floor next to me again. "Kyle, have him kiss my ass for me okay?"

Kyle grabbed my arms and pulled them up behind me. He pushed me down so that my face hit Ryan's ass. Kyle put his barefoot on my neck like Ryan had done to me earlier and pushed me into Ryan's hot ass. "Kiss it!" Kyle demanded. I began to kiss Ryan's ass. I kissed it like they asked me too.

Kyle pressed down harder on my head with his foot. I could tell Ryan liked it by the way he moaned. "That's it bitch, oh yeah, kiss my ass real good." Ryan whimpered. Finally, Ryan was satisfied and Kyle stepped off of me. I collapsed on the floor and lay there exhausted.

"You were pretty good fag!" Kyle said.

He manoeuvred his foot up underneath my side and flipped me over onto my back. He began stroking himself and placed his barefoot down on my chest. Taylor and Ryan joined him by standing over me. Ryan placed his barefoot on my stomach. He too began stroking himself. Taylor put his barefoot on my rock hard cock. Nicky walked over to me and placed his barefoot down on the side of my face, pinning my head to the floor. Then all four of them started to jerk off. Simultaneously all four ejaculated at the same time. It was as if the Weather Girls version of ‘It’s raining men, hallelujah!’ had come to life in another form as it rained cum down on me. They loved it. I loved it too. They smeared their cream all over me. I shot my load immediately. God it was incredible. I was truly weak from the ordeal.

"That was pretty hot boy." Nicky said. They forced me to ‘clean up’ and finally pulled me up into a sitting position.

"You passed with flying colours." Kyle said. He took the tape and tossed it in the trash. "My dad won't hear about this. But you know I think it'd be a good idea if you came to our parties more often. This was fun." He grinned at me.

They allowed me to shower underneath them before kicking me out, and that’s another story for another time…

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