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Anyone remember the party chat lines? / General Sex / Gay Forum

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#1 Apr 24, 2021 8:46:AM


Anyone remember the party chat lines?

Anyone remember the older party chat lines? For those unfamiliar, back when people were charged long distance, there were numbers you could call that had 1 on 1 ads, group chat rooms, private chats, etc. You didnt need credit cards and instead of you talking to some phone sex operator you were talking to one or more people with the same things on their minds as you had  8===o - - - .

Now days, noone pays for long distance (the phone companies have to eat the cost), so a few of these numbers still exist and I happened to come across someone that runs one of these lines. with as dead as the phone chat room seems to be, I had thought about what If I setup a group chat room on a party line that would be available for you guys to call into it, voice chat in the group chat room, and if you click with someone you have the ability to go private with them for sexy times....

No private numbers need to be exchanged, you can share screen name so people can put face/or cock to a voice. Would not be a replacement of the chatroom, but a phone alternative/extension to it.

the number would be in the 712 area code, internet phones block the numbers, and tmobile started charging 0.01 cent per minute (which i think some of the chat line owners are fighting to get that removed). There is the ability to moderate the main room to keep people from trolling or harassing, other than that i wouldnt care what went on in the group room (phone orgy is a thing lol).

just need to know if there is an interest enough for me to present this to the chat line owner.
And if the admins/owner of the chat zone see this... have no problem advertising this site in the greeting for the chat room when people enter the line.  as well as advising that the line is not run by or supported by you guys so you dont have to deal with questions about it.


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