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#1 Dec 22, 2017 2:08:PM


hanging out nude

love hanging out nude with friends


#2 Dec 30, 2017 2:24:AM


Re: hanging out nude

Hey jonluc

You and me both.  I wish I had more opportunities for it and buddies into it.

I love being naked in the locker/changing room at the gym.  Lots of guys walk around with a towel wrapped around their waist.  No me, I let it all hang out and appreciate the others who do the same.  One of my favorite memories was in the showers.  The gym has four rows of showers in two aisles with the showers facing each other.  One aisle has shower curtains and the other aisle does not.  Guess which aisle I always use [wink].

So one day, as I’m finishing my shower, a handsome local celebrity/newscaster enters the shower across from me.  As I’m about to (reluctantly) walk away he asks me a question about mutual friend from the gym he hadn’t seen in a while.  This led to a long discussion as he is soaping and rinsing his body and I’m just standing there talking to him with my towel NOT wrapped around my waist.  All this time other guys are walking past in the hall or using the other showers.  But me and this handsome guy are just chilling naked.   Make me smile warmly to this day.

I frequently think about going on a camping trip with one or more buddies where once we get there we ALL decide that hell clothes are just too much trouble so we spend the whole weekend/week at the campsite naked.


#3 Aug 25, 2018 3:57:PM


Re: hanging out nude

nudity is enjoyable and relaxing.   I too used to love going to this one YMCA gym in a city I used to live in.    Men were always nude in the locker room, even with out a sexual component it was just nice to have a place to be nude, sit in the hot tub, sit in the sauna, and be nude with out any concerns.    Unfortunately not all gyms I've been to have been like that.    When I was younger I'd have more opportunities to hang with other guys nude,  now in my middle years in my current situation not so much.


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