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#1 Jul 03, 2018 2:39:AM



I got banned from the chat room for standing up to a perverted bully I broke some morel high ground for standing up to a creep who keeps making new profiles, I was told just to block him but I cant block everyone I suspect lol getting banned didn't affect me as I have my friends from hear on my facebook hahah but I was more annoyed that the language in the chat room and the rude way people speak yet I get banned for telling someone off....  Someone called me a fat cow when I said Hi and I replied at least I'm not named after a dog hey hey presto I was blocked

Anyway Be warned the stalker is back yet again annamadison11 aka josh begging for money with some sob story anyway Josh something was the first stalker he was able to hack so he could log in and out so fast and so quick I couldn't block him as his page would come and go I will not tell you the things he said .......

I had my say and now. I can chill wink

I never log out I'm crap with passwords

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#2 Apr 26, 2019 2:59:AM


Chat has a politics room.


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