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#1 Aug 07, 2019 1:26:PM

Heavy Cummers?

Hi all - I know most gay guys like cum. Well I have a healthy obsession with it. I don't necessarily want to be gang banged, but I'd prefer my cum dosage all from one man who produces way more than the average as well as many more times per day than average.

I want to be made love to by someone who will fill me up from the inside out. I want to feel the heat and the swelling from a man who shoots a gigantic load. What I'm looking for is in my username people. I'm looking for a man with genuine Hyperspermia. I'm a bottom as well, if that wasn't obvious from the username! lol.

I know there are people out there with it. I've spoken to a few on here. They are either already attached to a man, live crazy far away, have no intention on moving, or are bottoms themselves.

I feel like I'm asking the impossible. And on here, it just might be. Most of the guys who are on here tend to be here for the social aspect rather than looking for their dream man....and that's fine. It's just all that's left on a chat/forum like this as most people have gone to using phone apps...which is totally an option.

Ha ha, well I know I might not ever find what I'm looking for here...and that's ok. But it wouldn't hurt to have fun at the same time either!

Are you a heavy cummer? PM me and let's talk!


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