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‘Gay as Fuck’ - Justice Smith on Genera+ion / General Chat / Gay Forum

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#1 Mar 19, 2021 3:52:PM


‘Gay as Fuck’ - Justice Smith on Genera+ion

The star of HBO Max’s “Genera+ion” on the struggle to feel fabulous, why straight actors shouldn’t play queer roles, and “coming out” as queer—even though he rejects that idea.
For some old gay men watching, it’s a wish-fulfillment fantasy, glittering with the confidence and openness they could not have. For about two minutes, it seems as if Chester’s skin is peeled back to reveal every flamboyance, anti-gender flourish, and quirk—not to mention the comfort of knowing that others think he’s fly, too. For some queer members of Gen Z, it’s just the reality of how they live their lives, which is its own, beautiful thing. But for others, it’s still not. That’s what Justice Smith grappled with, and why he felt himself blossom after acting out the scene. … generation


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