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Chat with gay men from France in our free gay chat rooms. It is easy to start chatting with other gay men from France. Click the "Enter Chat Rooms" button to create a free gay France chat profile and start chatting now. Not from France? All chat profiles are easily searchable no matter where you are. With 100's of gay men online you are sure to find a local gay man chat with from France. Join us in the free gay France chat rooms and start connecting with other local gay men who are looking to connect with you right now.

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You will also find many men looking to chat in the gay France chat line. All you have to do is join for free, find a gay man to chat with in the chat line and start chatting. The gay France chat line is 100% free. You will never be asked to pay to chat with other local men from France in the chat line. If you are looking for a gay chat line from another area, choose from the list of popular cities and states listed below.

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Gay Chatters in France

CedHotBtm4rp's Chat & Dating Profile
Toulouse, Occitanie, FR
French guy here, horny btm looking for guys to chat and rp i can chat with any guys, any ages, but i'm not into dad/son role play i like rp with bro, buds, workers, delivery, military, pizza guys, etc... college or hs ages, hung, rough top fuckers ! aggressive verbal ones ;) quite no limits in fantasy, i can like socks and dirty jocks to lick, sweat and piss, spank, balls squeeze, forced, humiliations, etc... UPDATE : some guys asking me how I knew i was gay, well, let's say that i had dated girls, but never been able to get a real hard boner, and if i go in theater and see Spiderman movie, i have that hard boner at once, and actually cum in my briefs before the end of the movie, so i think that's a point ;) UPDATE2 : guys asking me what i do irl : freshman in data science, i like to code, rather good at it i think. College is fun. love it, more than hs, easier to find guys for quickies ;) BTW : i'm playing clarinet since i'm 8, and some piano too, but he clarinet has some nice side effect. It strengthens the lips so much, i have really hard muscled lips. Yu just cant imagine how much sucking power i have, my lips ring around a cock have so much suction power !! all guys told me it is amazing !! my guys type varies from Tom Holland (Spiderman) to Chris Hemsworth (Thor), new one would be August from YoungRoyals, and Timothée Chalamet !! but this is neither exhaustive or exclusive ! Recently added Trevor Signorino to my hot list ! such a hot dude ! I imagine them really hung ! i'm really into dudes with huge dicks ! Actually, i have my bests orgasms when hung rough dudes fuck me raw ! I can cum without touching my cock and have a really huge orgasm, body and ass shaking on the dick deep inside me ! If the guy is really hot and last for long fucking me, i even can have two orgasms before he comes ! Dunno if all the btms can feel pleasure that way, but i like it so much ! So, in rp yu cxan be as hung as yu want me to moan and scream ! I also like so much to suck cocks and swallow cum ! i'd like to have every breakfast with some nut's cream ;) i want to suck off all my classmates in hs ! well, not all, only the cute and hung ones ;) better when doing the two : spitroasted by hung guys ;) and in my dreams would like it to end in double fuck ;) never done it. actually i tried, but never succeed, i'm too tight, or the guys were too hung, or both, but sadly i still did not feel the pleasure of having two cocks inside me (preferably sucking a third one ;)
PourQui's Chat & Dating Profile
Paris, Île-de-France, FR
A white's place is on all fours, spreading his knees and wearing a chastity cage.
hitchikerboy's Chat & Dating Profile
Annecy, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, FR
Looking for horny roleplay. Love uncle/nephew; dad/lad; boss/intern... stuff like that. Pretty imaginative. photos available on request!
SalopeAInsulter's Chat & Dating Profile
Paris, Île-de-France, FR
Traitez moi comme une salope
exposedfaggot22's Chat & Dating Profile
Paris, Île-de-France, FR
I'm a dirty inferior faggot craving humiliations and degradations.
Tibor84's Chat & Dating Profile
Paris, Île-de-France, FR
fag in need to be used and abused
Cm06's Chat & Dating Profile
Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, FR
je cherche plusieurs hommes pour moi seul! pour vivre entre hommes nous aimé profondment sans limite sans fin! entre porc virile lope vcx unis ensembles etre freres aimons nous moi 181 100 kg brun poilu mal rasé 19.5
Lookingforsubdad's Chat & Dating Profile
Paris, Île-de-France, FR
Top 23 m looking for fun with other dad
Secretfag's Chat & Dating Profile
Lille, Hauts-de-France, FR
Fake straight. Married. Loser
Martins's Chat & Dating Profile
Paris, Île-de-France, FR
I have strong passion for men
Dadaheel's Chat & Dating Profile
Paris, Île-de-France, FR
Hi, i believe in love and it is a precious thing.
oceaneyesboyy's Chat & Dating Profile
Paris, Île-de-France, FR
I'm a Portuguese dancer based in Paris. Let me introduce myself to you, let's have a quick chat. (I'm a box full of surprises) ...
Pongpong's Chat & Dating Profile
Paris, Île-de-France, FR
Searching an old perv daddy into younger

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