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The Essentials
Last Seen: May. 19, 2018
Joined: May 18, 2018
Age: 59
Gender: Male
Location: Taft, CA, US
Relationship Status: Divorced
Interested In: Men ,Transgender (M2F)
HIV Status: Negative
About Me
Older gay man looking for erotic chats with of men who are discreet and like to take charge intimately. Open to all desires
Education & Work
Education: Graduate with diploma
Employer: Piping contractor
College/University: Took some classes with different university's petaing to my career
Religion: Agnostic
Political Views: Republican Stand for gay rights, stand for the American dream,and and freedom of choicee
Favorite Quotes: The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything, Teddy Roosevelt
Arts & Entertainment
Books: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, eyes of prey John Sandford,Herman Melville Moby dick, George Orwell Fahrenheit 45, John Steinbeck,Micheal Crieton, Pirates, The Iliad Homer,James Fenimore Cooper The deerslayer,last of the Mohicans
Movies: To Kill a Mockingbird,Full Metal Jacket, Blackhawk down,Shane, anything With John Wayne,ClintEastwood,Kevin Costner,Robert Duvall,James Franco,Robert Redford, James Can, Steve McQueen, Al Pacino,Robert De Niro, etc.etc.

Television: NCIS, Blue Bloods,Elementary,Wallander, Prime Suspect,MASH,SNL,Line of duty, Sopranos

Music: Rock , Alternative, some country CSNY Molly Hatchet, Grand funk railroad, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, the doors,etc.
Games: Go!f
Favortie Sports: Golf ,Sport fishing,football, Futball Basketball Baseball, Hockey,
Favorite Teams: Boston Redsocks, Pittsburgh Steelers, Anahiem ducks, Timbers
Favorite Athletes: Terry Bradshaw, Labron James, Tiger Woods,
Activites & Interests
Activities: Playing golf, hunting and fishing ,going to gay bars, chatting on internet, watching movies

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