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Gregy2 Chatting
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The Essentials
Last Seen: Chatting
Joined: Nov 17, 2015
Age: 59
Gender: Male
Location: Scotland, GB
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Men
HIV Status: Negative
Height: 5 ft. 11 in. /180.34 cm.
Race/Ethnicity: White
About Me
I'm open minded understanding caring loving passionate but NOT Judge mental or racist. I'm 5,ft 11 inches tall. DON'T judge a book by its covers but get to know me. I DO NOT claim perfection by passing the buck or hide behind my own faults and so on by RAKING up other peoples. I do NOT judge others a to z. How can people be expected to be 100% perfect and faultless when no one is? People who judge others regardless of why SHOULD keep in mind that it takes one to know one.. I am a loner but NOT by SELF choice. I'm a care giver for a disabled friend with many disabilities.

My parents most of my family and some friends are dead. I am here looking for open minded understanding friends and a good easy going chat about most things. I am caring understanding loving affectionate and can be passionate. My dad was killed by a train when I was 3 year old. Other family members and close friends over the years died of other things even cancer. My dear mum died of a brain tumour and the list goes on but this is NOT self pity. It happened so I'm telling it. If my age is an issue with anyone then GET REAL because NO ONE stays young and looking like film star for ever.. Its NOT all about looks, A GOOD Personality MATTERS as PLUS GOOD attitude and things like that. IT COSTS NOTHING TO BE SIVAL AND SOCIABLE.

if your only here for a relationship then please don't be put off chatting with me when you see my private pics as they don't need to mean any thing to you, No need to get wrong ideas or be offended by them. This badly needs to have a name change to as MANY seam to be so fixed on blocking people and NOT chatting with them regardless of what ever. IS that what they call SOCIAL media chat sites?. Just like wars a virus like war is trying to divide us. IN other ways most of us are sadly helping it along. Just like wars a virus is trying to kill us all off. IS that not a good enough reason to stick together in any ways we can..?? Temporary I will add this point, IF THIS VIRUS FINISHES US ALL OFF THEN THERE WILL BE NO ONE LEFT TO BOTHER ABOUTLESS SERIOUS THINGS SUCH AS OTHER PEOPLES FAULTS BLEMISHES AND SO ON,. Think about it PLUS IT COSTS NOTHING TO BE SOCIABLE. It is nice to be nice.. That is all that should matter.

IF anyone has ALREADY instantly got me summed up as a BAD person, then at least THINK of this. WOULD I be taking care of a disabled person with many issues and disabilities for years for his dead father who was a good friend of mine if I was so EVIL? I'm NOT doing it for self gain or any other self DEVIOUS motive or WRONG hidden agenda. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES ROUND. (KARMA). People SADLY prefer to hide behind their OWN faults and imperfections and so on and SADLY focus on OTHER peoples Taking the focus AWAY from them selves and their faults and so on. Sad people. Life is TOO short for NEGATIVE things like that and so on.. I WANT To add that IF anyone feels I am freaking them out then they have PRE JUDGED me. wrongly. I can NOT read minds so if they DON'T tell me what they like and don't like to chat about and so on then HOW AM I MEANT TO KNOW ? YET by the same token I can ask what you like chatting about and so on first before I say or ask any thing also.. I am NOT a mind reader. ( GOT THAT? It is NOT ). If ANYONE can not or even WILL NOT even try to accept a person Its NOT the persons fault or problem .

One day On my way back to my friends place i saw a old women with a walker and she was blind in one eye and said She had no money until Monday so i gave her some. I was on my way back to my friends place,. I am not looking for praises and all that stuff. I already feel good when I do things like that and more for needy people like that part blind woman. You might have to copy and paste this to see it but its true. To put it a less direct way none of us know this. Read the caption to find out what.

A man by him self l lives in a world of his own. But there is no one who can live in the world all alone/ . On the the up a man can walk over his friends. What goes up comes down and one day he may need them again. There will come a day when every one passes him by. What will he say when no one answers his cry??.. It may take some time but each man will find that he meets all kinds of people .He must believe in them as it it takes all kinds to make a world.. ( Kalema )

IF ANY ONE EXPECTS PERFECTION FAULTLESSNESS AND NO BLEMISHES AT ALL FROM ME THEN THEY ARE NOT BEING REALISTIC BECAUSE HOW CAN I BE PERFECT WHEN NO ONE IS PERFECT??..IF anyone EXPECTS me to be perfect faultless and much more then THEY ARE living in Cloud Coo Coo land in Si Fi world fairy story land fantasy island being TOTALLY unrealistic with UNREALISTIC expectations of me because like THEM I am ONLY human. I DON'T have to try to be WHAT or WHO ANYONE wants me to be. But I DO try to be as good a person as i can be a to z. .I DON'T use my imperfections to be imperfect OR as a valid reason to be.. We CAN NOT please EVERYONE as its a HOPLES task to try. in any way at al.

Being non is not a reason or excuse to go on being not perfect and I DON'T do that either.. If any one tells you not be friends with some one just because they hate that person or have any reason for telling not to be friends with them then PROVE THAT YOU HAVE A MIND OF YOUR OWN AND ACCEPT PEOPLE AS YOU FIND THEM. The person who tells you not to be friends with some one no matter why is claiming self perfection and NO ONE IS FAULTLESS OR PERFECT... Show others and prove you have a mind of your own.

To some women I may not be the best looking guy in the planet, To you guys I might not be ugly but all that matters to me is that its not all about looks. It is about what is in the heart.. I'm NOT a dreamer or some one who lives in dream land m,, make believe I'm not a guy who thinks he can be what or who he cant be. I dont try to be something or some one i am not. i cant live a lie. The list goes on. You might have to copy and paste this to see it but its true. To put it a less direct way none of us know this. Read the caption to find out what/..

The list goes on. Every one is fighting some battle you know nothing about so be kind always.
The BIGGEST communication problem we have is that we DON'T listen to understand BUT we listen to reply. copy and

paste or re type this link

Our age is ONE thing we CAN NOT change. We CANT order a new one. It is NOT about self choice on it.. It WOULD be good if all or MOST of us could get along SOMEHOW as tomorrow is promised to NO ONE...Did you read my profile before friend requesting me? Being older is NOT a SELF choice for ANY ones BUT it can mean more experience in life and more that can be useful to younger adults. You DO NOT know the PERSONAL battle any one is fighting in their life's so be kind ALWAYS.. I DON'T claim self perfection OR to be faultless or above ANYONE in any way by point scoring finger pointing bad mouthing blame gaming or passing the buck in any way. I even DO NOT judge. Does anyone still want to befriend me? Then please do BUT .If not then just MOVE ON with your own non perfections & NON perfect life's and LEAVE mine alone.

I wish this was TRUE Please copy and paste the link to see the video
Political Views: I hate politics . General people can run their countries beter than them because general people have been though the hell they have been through but most if not al mpolitisions have never been and dont have a clue as to what REAL life is about. How can they qwhen they have never had had to experience it?
Arts & Entertainment
Books: True to life stories and so on but some fictional ones
Movies: True to live but some fictional ones
Television: Soaps drama true to live things but also comedy
Music: 1950 to 1990s Rock and Country but not all of each
Favortie Sports: Non
Favorite Teams: Non
Favorite Athletes: None
Activites & Interests
Interests: Many but some include walks swimming cycling fund raising acting singing and going to the beach but not alone. I like doing what I can to help street homeless. If any are fake then that is their issue.
Activities: Same as above

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