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Ukhorti Ofline
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Posted: 3 months ago - Jul 05, 2022

after I got picked up by Tony, I met martin in a nearby layby, at first i thought he was a cop, but turned out he was a butcher!. He lived with a female partner but had plenty of free time. I ended up spending a night at his house where he fucked me, my first time, across his living room floor. we were fwb for about 12 years, we ate out together, he introduced me to leather amongst other things, he had few inhibitions but used me! it was always his suggestions we did. it was a loose arrangement but he did something that made me distance myself from him completely I think he was embarrassed by what he did. we phone occaisionally now, and he told me a few months back in the last couple of years he married his partner, wow she scares me shitless! -he is starting with memory loss and has heart problems poor fella.

I hit the night clubs in Birmingham when ever I could, I still looked young for my age and had a good body, it was there that I met another guy who I saw regularly for a couple of yrs until he moved out of reach, his friends did not really warm to me and it saved me racing up and down the country. If he had asked me to move in with him I would have. we lost contact for a lot of years but have renewed our friendship at a distance. he has been gravely ill and looks bloody aweful and has just had a second course of chemo when things started to go wrong again,

i went wild for those first 14 or15 years, saunas, clubs, pubs and cruising. sometimes at the expense of work. I became ill losing 35 pounds in 6 weeks, I felt rubbish and thought I was to die. after much investigating I found out I was not HIV nor was I coeliac but wheat seemed to aggravate me and I cut everything out with wheat for a year before slowly reintroducing it. it was then the weight came back on and keeps coming! I made some good friends so I thought but over the years we all went our separate ways. now no one really keeps in touch barring Phil from my sauna days.

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