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Posted: 1 month ago - Jul 06, 2022

I hope you start with my first blog and work your way up to this one. OK I have skipped a chunk which I prefer not to share well not at this present time. and ok I have a partner in a celibate relationship. we have different tastes , well I do, but we work well as soulmates and companions and that means more to me than growing old alone. yes there are times I am sad and feel very alone and could do with that hug and a cuddle. I think what if and have let the tears flow -nobody noticed,-but no point looking back and wishing. I see chat on here as my outlet to chat and have a giggle at times.. I am still the reserved guy I always have been, if I chat with you, it means I am comfy with you and value your friendship. People disappear, both on here and real Life, some return, for which I am blessed, others travel to the blue yonder, good luck to those , until our paths may meet again, whilst others just disappear. so be it. i have done things in my life that many others probably never dreamed of. I have kept alcohol to a minimum, never felt the need for it much as with smoking. all in all had some happy experiences along the way. I dont regret my sexuality but dont shout it from the roof tops. I lost a good friend, had only known him a couple of years, but we seemed to be on the same wavelength, had a few mutual friends but it seemed he shared more with me, sadly I found out he took his own life, he had threatened and I thought I had jollied him out on several occasions, I thought they were idle threats, the authorities did not offer him much support. eventually the calls and messages ended and replies no longer came. I feared the worse then to be casually told weeks later og he is dead. I must say this death I took badly, and as much that nobody thought to tell me. odd things still bring back the pain, It also showed me who really cared enough to ask if I was ok and the ones who just said to get on with it I am sorry if this is a bit mixed up and maybe a bit depressed but I just want to get thoughts down as they come. I promise future blogs will be be better

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