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Posted: 2 years ago - Jul 31, 2022

when july 23 i did not get the 2 girls, the ladys ex husband wants to keep them.....but monday july 25th i took in 2 males and 2 females and 2 ferrets, i am fostering them til the lady finds a house to buy, if she decides to not get them i get first option to buy, i must commend the girl even though she did a few things wrong it was not bad or super wrong just minor things, the cage is a bit small but bigger than some people buy, she loaded the cage with toys and hiding places, which was great, but no pulley toys or foraging toys, the two boys are father and son and one girl is the daughter, the other female was the moms sister who sadly passed away a few months ago, so i plane to get the boys neutered and seperate from the girls till then to avoid babies.

she gave me a ton of supplies for both the ferrets and gliders, food, treats, toys to rearrange the cages, a mosquito net tent for play time, a baby mat, shampoo for the ferrets, nail clippers and toy making supplies and fleece to make pouches and hammocks, . she had a limited supply of pouches and hammocks, im a firm beleiver that you can never have "extra" of those itemsso your not constantly using the same ones over and over.

so my one issue with the ferrets is they were not given a litter box, i plane to get 2 for their cage. they use puppy pads which is ok but they do drag the puppy pad around the cage making a mess, the cleaning it up daily keeps the smell down.

so my daily routine has changed drastically, i wake up about 4 to 430 am, go through and pick up the gliders dishes, and give a few meal worms and treats and check and replenish their kibble and water dispensers, wipe down the ferrets cage and my 2 girls wilma and bettys platform, then i sit down for 2 cups of coffee, and a bit of internet surfing, then i eats a bit of something take my meds, then clean the dishesand any thing else around the house that needs to be done, by then its about 730 or 8 am so i take my dog out to run for a bit, then after we are done doing our business and running about 45 minutes we come in, i uncover mozzy and feed him and give fresh water and let him out for the day. then while he eating i change his cage. then i feed my dogs and take them out. then i clean the meal worm container, but as for right now i am feeding freeze dried meal worm as its to hot to ship live ones. the about 12 i eat a bit and nap. then at 1pm i start play time.

once a month one a sunday like today i make up mozzys chop and my 2 girls veggies and bml mixture, the following sunday i make up the four gliders tpg diet.

here are a few pics from today

the four zip lock bags are mozzys chop, 2 bags containcollards, brussels sprouts, butter nut squash, green beans, quinoa and spinach., and the 2 other bags contaile collards, turnip greens, kale, sweet potatoes and brown rice.

this pot is the sugar gliders veggies mix, its corn, peas, green beans, chopped carrots, cantaloupe, honey dew, grapes, blue berries and strawberries, that was taken after i prepared it before bagging it.

thats my girl wilma.

my other girl betty she always comes out to see if i have yogurt drops.

the four foster, the spot on the head is the scent gland of a male.

one of the ferrets.

id like to say thank you to the people who take the time to read my blogs i know im all over the place with them from one topic to the next, but i like to write and i usually write about what was on my mind that day or week..........

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