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Chat with gay men from Illinois in our free gay chat rooms. It is easy to start chatting with other gay men from Illinois. Click the "Enter Chat Rooms" button to create a free gay Illinois chat profile and start chatting now. Not from Illinois? All chat profiles are easily searchable no matter where you are. With 100's of gay men online you are sure to find a local gay man chat with from Illinois. Join us in the free gay Illinois chat rooms and start connecting with other local gay men who are looking to connect with you right now.

Free Gay Illinois Chat Lines

You will also find many men looking to chat in the gay Illinois chat line. All you have to do is join for free, find a gay man to chat with in the chat line and start chatting. The gay Illinois chat line is 100% free. You will never be asked to pay to chat with other local men from Illinois in the chat line. If you are looking for a gay chat line from another area, choose from the list of popular cities and states listed below.

Popular Nearby Cities: Marion, Carbondale, Alton, Decatur, Springfield, Danville, Bloomington, Pekin, Peoria, Kankakee, Joliet, Moline, Illinois City, Aurora, Naperville, Oak Lawn, Chicago, Elgin, Schaumburg, Skokie, Evanston, Palatine, Rockford

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Gay Chatters in Illinois

Lovelovelove1979's Chat & Dating Profile
Chicago, Illinois, US
30 something dude in the Windy City.
farmboy1984's Chat & Dating Profile
Chicago, Illinois, US
Just hear for chat… open to explore… tend to go for the more assertive type.
Regguy42's Chat & Dating Profile
Westchester, Illinois, US
Looking around, like to chat about almost anything.
SamuelJames's Chat & Dating Profile
Chicago, Illinois, US
Did I mention...I like men...!
mike38's Chat & Dating Profile
Chicago, Illinois, US
6'2" 190 hairy, sensual.
dna4ever's Chat & Dating Profile
Moline, Illinois, US
Love Bears, cubs, and otters! I love my men hairy. If you shave it, move along. There is a reason why you have hair!!
BaseballCupSweat's Chat & Dating Profile
Chicago, Illinois, US
Got a sweaty cup, too? Big, strong smell? I'd be all over it - just like I do my own. Into hairy jocks, baseball coaches, umpires, pits, jock bush...jock dads and jock brothers. Whiffing cups - sweatier the better. Minor league, major league, college, semi-pro, local leagues. Hockey, MMA, softball, and lacrosse, too. Geared and cupped. Totally discreet. Phone+.
ChiGuyDerick's Chat & Dating Profile
Chicago, Illinois, US
Chicago guy - name is Derick. If I'm here, I'm horny.
Hairytop's Chat & Dating Profile
Chicago, Illinois, US
40s…5.11…250…hairy, bearish top….brown /blonde…hazel…beard…masculine iso same…20s to 40s…love phone…pic available… Nothing like the connection between two men…mental…emotional….physical…all or some or one….it’s all sexual on some level. I am a very passionate bearish top…love making out….kissing and nibbling…neck, ears..nips…love the scent of a man… not dirty…that earthy musky scent…or the after shower clean scent….love sucking and getting sucked….nibbling on sac and taint….inner thighs…feet…and can rim a clean ass for an inordinate amount of time. Can get into rp…been an uncle on here….often called dad or daddy…which is hot…. Not open to gross..scat, blood, etc…. Top here…but would consider other options…into sexy feet…cum…frottage…anything else you want to know…open to share
daddysboi1990's Chat & Dating Profile
Illinois, US
Looking for dom daddy's who like to train good bois
lthrmeup's Chat & Dating Profile
Chicago, Illinois, US
If you don't have a picture in your profile, move the fuck on. This is 2022 so go buy a fucking camera. There is no job or life that will care THAT much if you are here. Your mom is not going to be checking this site, and if you're in the military it's a non-issue anymore. I mainly put this here because I am tired of getting IM's and friend requests from those of you without pics. No you cant email them to me. Have them on here. It's easy and quick. And don't post a pic that's been circling around the internet for years. We all know the pic belongs to someone else and you're not being clever nor are you outsmarting anyone. Be smart people, use your brains a little. I know we are all here because we're horny but still... not every person on here is as dumb as a str8 girl. Also, I will not accept your friend request if we have not chatted. Period. Another thing, don't get pissy with me if I don't answer you. Last time I checked, I don't OWE you a conversation. Don't message me then not respond for 15 minutes. It's called a "refresh" button for a reason. And don't IM me and just sit there and ask me questions about my sexual encounters. It's a conversation not an interrogation. Know the difference. And lastly...NO PEDO!!!
david311's Chat & Dating Profile
Chicago, Illinois, US
Have gone from 155 to 182 in 3 months. Dad bods definitely grow quick in your 40s
lukewill's Chat & Dating Profile
Naperville, Illinois, US
Educated guy - lots of interests. Like the symphony and opera and well as basketball and golf! Sexually mostly top (can be verst with the right guy) into phone sometimes
Wilmetteboy's Chat & Dating Profile
Wilmette, Illinois, US
Hey guys - new to the Chicago area and loving it! Thought I'd check this site out and see what's up. I'm 30yo, 5'10", 170, athletic build. Sexually I like to kiss (a lot) lots of contact, mostly top-but I can give it up if you get me hot! Phone? Maybe, if I'm real horned up.
submissiveOne28's Chat & Dating Profile
Chicago, Illinois, US
cute submissive looking for older Dom top, well educated, smart
rmly45's Chat & Dating Profile
Chicago, Illinois, US
I keep my pics up to date. I have nothing to hide. Primary Pic taken 5-20-2023. Chicago is home. No complaining Chicago for the crime wave that's coming, you voted for this. We went from bad to complete insanity. I put in for job transfer to Utah. Time to get out.
cjinlakeview's Chat & Dating Profile
Chicago, Illinois, US
In Chicago (boystown)... Dominant / aggressive TOP - (Yes I will go from mild to kinky with no notice) -- CJ likes to have fun, watch movies old and new, read, do daily workouts and travel in and out of the country. CJ has been to over 20 countries and 45 states. If you were to describe CJ... He's an honest and trustworthy man who is full of vigor but can act like an adolescent at times. He is very blunt and has this "in your face" honesty. That is the New Yorker in him (he grew up in New York - Long Island). If he doesn't like something he will tell you but also be prepared to take criticism but he also takes criticism well. CJ also loves humor... dirty, intelligent, fun, nasty humor (long time listener of Howard Stern). A good vomit or shit joke will always make him laugh. CJ will be sarcastic and can be down right mean with his humor and conversations but it is always in jest. If you are offended well he just doesn't give a shit, UNLESS... he knows he's wrong. He will ALWAYS apologize if he knows he is wrong. CJ has that maturity to him. CJ is very well educated and has a Masters degree, he tries to learn languages, and likes to be relevant with social cultures, politics, and other interests.

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